Trans* & wrong assigned Musik-Mixtape 2013

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Trans* & wrong assigned Musik-Mixtape 2013

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This mixtape is the third gender- & assignment -based one done by Upsynth, a DJ & political activist from Berlin.

I like to emphazise that I felt a little sick about making a tape that seems to spread or stabilize a category (of people) that I like to destroy. And I also want to emphazise that there is no consense on people about their (gender) label or something like this.

Some of the artists describe themselves as trans*, transgender or transsexual, but others don´t. Some artists describe themselves as wrong assigned women or men and maybe they only are united in having experienced some kind of sexual oppression.
And this oppression is my cause for creating a special, a categorizing mixtape like this.

The background and cause for this mixtape is for sure not a pleasant one.
But this mixtape is dedicated for anyone fighting against sexual oppression, wrong gender assignment and foreign determination. It´s made to give you hope and to hear there are a lot of people like you and me living and fighting day by day. We are not alone. And I hope you also won´t give up.

There are some artists I yet used in the "T-artist-mixtape" series, but there
Are also some new ones, I discovered not so long ago. I hope you enjoy listening and you can dig and support each artist you like. So I give you some information about each one above. Greetz & regards, Upsynth


01. Splash T - Ladies first
02. Eva Amore - Monster (Sparkles rmx)
03. Titica - Ablua
04. Letiticia con Z - El rey de Europa (Gafas de ver mix)
05. Katastrophe - The life
06. Tigrida_Revuelta - La Cyberdrag Europea (Ivan Gomez Tranny Taxi Vocal)
07. Jessica 6 - Fun girl (live)
08. Zustand D. - Tam gdzie wybuchaja Gwiazdy
09. Morgan Rose Rua - From the washingmachine to paradise
10. Miyoko - TS
11. Sasha Strokes - Tranny chaser
12. Zara Paz - Scherbenwelt
13. Helena Cari Blakemore - Transexual woman
14. Lady Ferry - Mirror in the bathroom (Original Ska vs. Drum & Bass Mix)
15. Morgan Rose Rua - ABDL
16. Rhythm king & her friends - Get paid
17. Miyoko - Waste of time
18. Cindytalk - Joy is the aim
19. Grauhandversteinerung - Tetrissmaragd
20. Leticia con Z & DJ Trikinosis - Untouchable
21. Del_F64.0 (Delete F64.0!) - Transsexual intercourse
22. Morgan Rose Rua - Cold in your grave
23. Antihairball - Lightning belt V
24. Ashley Buchanan - Ashley the Transsexual
25. Solange tô aberta! - Macho transtornado

Splash T.

LGBT_Underground wrote about her "One Of The Hottest Trans Rapper right Now"

Eva Amore

An up and coming drag artist based in Seattle, who just so happens to be a drag queen.


Titica is an activistic female Angolan singer and dancer, who performs a local form of rap-techno music called "kuduro". She was named "best kuduro artist of 2011". Her art can be seen as a strong statement against sexual oppression.
I´m not so sure if she is d´accord with the labels that are assigned to her by the international (hetero) normative press.

Leticia con Z

Leticia con Z is a Spanish drag-project dealing with different styles of music like Techno-pop, Copla, Flamenco, Ritmos latinos, Hip hop and reaggeton.


Katastrophe is widely credited as the first openly transgender singer in the hip-hop genre and he often incorporates his being a trans man in his work.

Tigrida Revuelta

Tigrida Revuelta is a Mexican Dragqueen project.

Jessica 6

Jessica 6 is a Brooklyn-based Nu-disco and R&B trio that formed after helping put together the Hercules and Love Affair live show.

Zustand D.

A soloproject of the (ex-) wrong assigned female sounddesigner, multiinstrumentalist and live improviser Zustand D.

Morgan Rose Rua

Morgan Rua is an artist, nagualist, Kung Fu enthusiast, preoperative transsexual and fetishist. She lives in NYC. She is told that she is very strange.…drag.html


Fresh & talented transgender alternative hip hop r&b pop artist from Canada.

Sasha Strokes

Zara Paz

Wrong assigned woman, artist & activist from Berlin performing,
rapping and writing propaganda to reclaim the planet the whole day

Helena Cari Blakemore

Is an American artist and activist dealing with many forms of art.

Lady Ferry

LadyFerry isn't your usual stock transsexual, she was described recently in Vogue Italia magazine as a 'transsexual anti-christ' bulldozing her way through sex-change stereotypes! and refuses to conform to the transsexual ideal of 'tits & ass', which is usually obsessed with baubles, beads and Illuminati corporate media whores such as Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber!

LadyFerry is far too classy and intellectual for that sort of tacky tragic behaviour! and refuses to be pigeonholed as a sexual fetish, you won't see her on talking in a cliched transsexual high-pitched whine, parading hormone induced boobies to the world, trying SO hard to prove to the watchers that they're a wo-man now! desperately hoping (begging?) to employ surgically enhanced sexuality to attract the boys and girls. That my friends is not her style. LadyFerry is a dish! and a feisty one at that, and really isn't that desperate for that vile celebrity wannabe sort of scary attention.

LadyFerry is a truther, quite the peaceful political activist at heart and a fighter for justice.

Rhythm king & her friends



An experimental DIY-industrial & technoproject from Germany.
The project beeing has vanished.


Del_F64.0 is a Berlin based two women project dealing with Echtzeitmusic, Speedcore and political action.
"Fuck the commerce. Fuck the police. Fuck people who feel cool cuz of beeing anything. You´re all victims.

We aren´t proud but also not ashamed, we´re musicians, artists, political activists and women born with misunderstood bodys. And we´re fucking angry.
We support actions against psychiatry, genital mutilations of so-called "intersexual" children, pathologization of men and women who are/were wrong assigned at birth and people of every sex that´s fucking oppressed and made illegal and unaccepted by all fucked up states in this corrupt world of shit.

We support the political emancipation of anyone, underground-art, anarchist actions, Fuck the N.W.O.-actions, animal liberation and so on."


Antihairball is an instrumental hypertropic weird gender noiserock band from berlin. Sanaa, the charismatic highspeed-drummer is also part of the famous experimental transgendered-industrial/improvise-act "Keller/Schläger".

Ashley Buchanan

Solange tô aberta!

In still very catholic, patriarchal Brazil, STA! provoked a storm. While the queer thematic in Berlin is meanwhile almost a self-evidence, queer people in Brazil still have to literally fight for survival. Through its performances, STA! wants to tease, to move, to bring its audience to think over the many different questions about sexuality and its experiences. The matching music to it: Rio Funk!


Brought to you by: Antigenitalistic Rrrriot rec.
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