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Lady Ferry

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ist eine englische Musikerin des elektronischen Sektors.
Auf ihrer Soundcloudseite steht: LadyFerry isn't your usual stock transsexual, she was described recently in Vogue Italia magazine as a 'transsexual anti-christ' bulldozing her way through sex-change stereotypes! and refuses to conform to the transsexual ideal of 'tits & ass', obsessed with baubles, beads and corporate media whore Lady frakking GaGa!

LadyFerry is far too classy and intellectual for that sort of tacky tragic behaviour! and refuses to be pigeonholed as a sexual fetish. Granted she oozes sex from every pore, and sashays her juicy big round bubblebutt through society like a neutron bomb on heat, but you won't see her on you tube talking in a cliched transsexual high-pitched whine, parading hormone induced boobies to the world, trying SO hard to prove to the watchers that she's a wo-man now! desperately hoping (begging?) to employ surgically enhanced sexuality to attract the boys and girls. That my friends is not her style. LadyFerry is a dish! and a tasty one at that, and really isn't that desperate for that vile celebrity wannabe sort of scary attention.

LadyFerry is quite the peaceful political activist at heart and a fighter for justice. She has high values on mankind and a low esteem of who really runs the world. It's all about the bigger picture to her and in the end we all have to stick together to expose the truth of the matter. Take home what LadyFerry has to say, digest it and with google a click away, do your own research and find out for yourself the meat and potatoes of the subject matter.

She knows what side she's on and liberty and freedom is what it is, the truth will always prevail in the end. Remember: true knowledge is power.

The only thing left to say about LadyFerry is that she is flawless, Teflon coated flawless, the rest I leave up to the viewer and listener! but stay well back, she bites!

Ihr YT-Channel mit Clips: ... ature=plcp

two biological sexes = one manmade lie